Wireless USB to WiFi Interface

The 802.11a/b/g USB Wireless Network Interface is  available only from IVC Displays. The addition of wireless Ethernet to you Windows XP PC or Windows CE panel PC. Windows CE driver in included in the IVC Windows CE Panle PC.

Download Windows XP Driver



RS-232 ActiveSync Cable

The ActiveSync communications cable provides an easy RS-232 serial connection with the NP-660T, NP-880S and the NP-612S. ActiveSync communications is primarily used by developers to deploy their applications from their PC to the NP-660S, NP-880S and NP-612S.



24VDC Wall Adapter Power Supply

Input: 100-240V~1.0A MAX.

Output: +24V 12W MAX.



Low priced, top quality Operator Interface products, including excellent technical support.

  Product Matrix

IVC Displays sells direct to the OEM/ODM integrators and system developers. No distributors translates to a lower cost to all.

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