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 I installed my application and when I turn the unit off and then on again, my application disappears.

When Windows CE boots, the operating systems is uncompressed from a single file (NK.BIN.) All of the folders including \Windows are replaced in the system memory each time you boot. See the Software Application Installation Application Note for methods you may use to install and maintain applications in Windows CE.



 My application screen is setup for a PDA 240 X 320. The NP-660S screen resolution is 320 X  240. I do not want to reorient my display code. How do I change the NP-660S screen orientation to 240 X 320?

Windows CE Portrait mode image will change the screen orientation to 240 X 320. From the Download page, download the Windows CE 4.2 + .NETCF English Portrait Mode Image and Windows CE Download Instructions. The instructions will assist you through the steps necessary to Load the Portrait mode image. You may also order the NP-660S with the Portrait mode image loaded.



How do I automatically launch my application when Windows CE boots?

 Based on the unit:


 How do I connect with ActiveSync.?

Based on the unit:

·         NP-660S – From the Download page download the ActiveSync Application Note and the ActiveSync Driver. Install the ActiveSync Driver. Follow the Instructions in the ActiveSync Application Note. (Cable Required)

·         NP-800S – Manual contains complete instructions for ActiveSync setup.


 Can I create my own Windows CE Operating Systems Image and include my application?

Yes. Here is a Sample Platform Builder 5.0 Project . These resources are specific to the NP-660T, NP-880S and NP-612S IVC Displays. Download the Sample and follow these steps to get started developing your own Windows CE 5.0 Operating System Image.

1.       Unzip the to C:\WINCE500\PLATFORM\

Password: 1234

2.       Unzip the bin. zip to C:\WINCE500\PBWorkspaces\

3.       Run PB5.0, import the binary BSP.

4.       Open the C:\WINCE500\PBWorkspaces\bin\bin.pbxml

5.       Select the MT6xx Required Modules to select the HMI model target system.

6.       Click [Build OS]/[Sysgen]

If you do not change parameter files, then simply build & Sysgen Current BSP.


 Where would I find a Java Virtual Machine to run on an IVC Display?

 NSIcom CrEme JVM will work. Follow the Software Application Installation Application Note. This may require additional program memory. If so, from the download page, download and install the NP-612S 20M Program Memory Image. Follow the Windows CE Download Instructions.


 What target processor should I choose when developing an application?

 ARMV4I. You may need the SDK Note: See Q5).


 My application is installed to launch on boot from the startup folder. I hid the tool bar and have no way to get to the desk top. How do I get to the desk top to run ActiveSync and change my application?
If you placed your application in the startup folder, it may be removed by reloading the Windows CE Image. Follow the
Windows CE Download Instructions.


Note: Many users place their applications on a Compact Flash card. When the CF card is removed the  shortcut in the startup folder will fail and the system goes to the desk top.


   My application needs more Program Memory. When I change the Control Panel System Memory and save the registry. My application runs fine. When I reboot the settings were not saved.

The Control Panel System Memory settings are not save when you save the registry. From the download page, download and install the NP-612S 20M Program Memory Image. Follow the Windows CE Download Instructions. This will set the Program Memory to 20Meg.


 When I the Windows CE Download Instructions, I get error messages and the NK.BIN will not load. How do I fix this?


On your PC, place the Compact flash into a reader. Using Windows Explorer, select the Removable Disk that represents the Compact Flash card.  Then Right click on it and select Format. If this does not clear up the NK.BIN load error, then try a different CF card.


 How do I connect to my network hard drive or printer with Windows CE?

 Windows CE contains the command line NET function. See the NET Command line Application Note or any of the current product Manuals.


 How do I capture my screens from Windows CE?

 You will need the Windows CE Platform Builder. ActiveSync and then run the Platform Builder. The Tools menu provides Remote Zoomin, which will capture the Windows CE screen and it may be saved to a .BMP file on your PC.


 Can I ActiveSync with the Ethernet ports?

 Yes, follow the ActiveSync Application Note.


 Does IVC Displays have a Remote Display Control function?

Yes, with the Remote Display Control application, you can display actions on an IVC Display, including user input, remotely on the display of a desktop or laptop personal computer. This is a great tool for demonstrating the power of the IVC Display to a large audience. It also allows developers to test their applications for the IVC Display on a larger screen.

  Remote Display Control uses TCP/IP, and it can work with ActiveSync connections via Ethernet or dial-up.

Download Remote Display Host

You will also need cerdisp.exe. Copy this file to the IVC Display and run it to communicate with the Remote Display Control PC host. For batch file startup use cedisp.exe -c.

Q15) Is there a Registry Editor available for my IVC Display?

We use the Windows CE Paltform Builder Tools Remote Registry Editor. Other software with a Windows CE Remote Registry Editors; Embedded Visual C++ 4.0, Embedded Visual Tools and Visual Studio 2005.

Q16) How do remove the Icons from the desktop?

Download an run on the IVC Display to remove the Icons and wallpaper from the desk top. This installation will modify the registry to remove the icons and wallpaper from the desktop.

Q17)  Do you have a tool to register .dll files in Windows CE?

Yes, copy regsvrce.exe to the panel. When you run regsvrce.exe it will prompt you for the filename. Remember to save the registry after you run regsvrce.exe.

Q18)  When I setup my Internet Explorer Favorites and reboot they are not saves. How do I save my Internet Explorer Favorites?

It is the same old story. Some things are not saved in the registry and IE Favorites is one of them. To establish IE Favorites on reboot ,you first need to copy the files from Windows\Favorites folder to the Compact Flash or NORFlash. Create a batch file to copy the files back to Windows/Favorites. Place the Batch file in the NORFlash\Startup folder and Save the Registry with CECP. Reboot and the NORFlash/Startup batch file will run and copy the files to the Windows\Favorites folder. When you run IE and look in Favorites you will see your links.

Q19)  When I use Settings>Control Panel>System>Memory to set the Storage and Program memory. I save the registry with CECP and reboot, the memory settings are not saved.

To provide the proper balance of Memory for Storage (NORFlash) and Program (RAM) a Windows CE Image must be created with the settings. Contact IVC Displays for details on custom Windows CE Images.

Q20)  My Pocket PC remembers all of my settings. Why do Panel PCs need these tricks?

The Pocket PC has a battery that maintains the memory when powered off. Windows CE was created for the PDA market. The assumption in Windows CE is that the power is always on so no need to save everything in the registry. This also saves storage space for the registry. Just remove the battery from your Pocket PC and you will see that it will loose many of your settings.

Q21)  Why doesn't ActiveSync connect from my PC to the Panel PC?

It can only be one of three sources. Hardware, Software or the Operator.

  • Hardware
    • 95% of the time the cable pin outs are not correct. The ActiveSync Cable must match the pins in the specification. (Specifications) 
    • Test the RS-232 port on the PC. Does it really work ?
  • Software - ActiveSync
  • Operator
Q22)  I want to be in Kiosk mode. When I save the registry it doesn't save my Internet Explorer Hide Toolbars settings?

Download this free Kiosk mode .NET application. Edit the URL.inf file and replace the URL with your URL. Copy the Kiosk exe file and the URL.inf file to the /Windows folder.

Download the Kiosk program. Buy the Kiosk program.


Q23) What power supply should I use with my IVC Display?

The detailed power supply specifications are in the user manuals. At IVC Displays we use the wall plug adapter 3Com® P48240600A020G power supply for unit testing.

Input: 120V AC 60Hz 0.22A 22W

Output: 24V DC 600mA 14.4W



Will my IVC Display Time change based on the new US Daylight Savings Time?

To change the registry to adjust the time zones for the NEW US DST rules. Unzip on your PC and run the following CAB file on your IVC Display. Be sure to save the registry when completed.

Use this link to see what Microsoft has to say:



I need a file copied to my server every day.

Use the steps in A11). Then in your application shell out to the command line and Copy the file to the network drive. You may also create a batch file to perform the copy and execute the .bat file from your application.


Q26)  How do I ActiveSync with Microsoft Vista?


Q27) What are the different Windows 7 Embedded options.




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